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Have you always wanted to Thai- or kickbox? And are you looking for a fun, sporty club? Then visit our boxing school in Rotterdam.

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Thai- and kickboxing for everyone        

The training sessions are accessible to everyone: young and old, men and women, beginners, advanced and people at competition level. If you like working out at a boxing gym with a nice atmosphere, then you've come to the right place. Experience it for yourself and sign up for a trial lesson!

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Eigenaar van het bedrijf: Vahid Roshani


and WMC World


With experience from different countries and different styles, Vahid brings you more agility, strength, speed, coordination, concentration and insight. Together we ensure improved fitness of the entire body.

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Training with a focus on technique, condition, fun and strength. You can go all-in! We teach you the right techniques so that you can use your energy effectively and efficiently. Get to know the sport or become a pro and win matches.

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Vahid die iemand begeleidt tijdens het sporten



Focus, attention and

the best technique.

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group training

Train with your friends.

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Sportmanship, fun and solidarity

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Building mental


Thaiboxing originated in Thailand. In Thai, the sport is called Muay Thai and this is a martial art that has been taking place in Thailand for centuries. Besides the art of fighting, the sport gives you a huge self-confidence boost. You learn discipline, technique and emotional resilience. As a result, you will experience enormous growth both socially and personally as well as in the martial arts field. Do you also want to grow in this?

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Fit and vital with only 1 hour of boxing a week!

Exercise is healthy for our body and mind. Our workouts stimulate your entire body and are never boring. The physical movement and impact increases the heart rate and oxygen in your body. The workouts improve your flexibility, technique and endurance. View the schedule and book your trial lesson today!

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