Hi, my name
is Vahid Roshani

I am an A-class Thaiboxing fighter and coach living in The Netherlands, born and raised in Iran. As a little boy, I had a lot of energy and so my mom sent me to Martial Arts class to explore different areas like Karate, Kung Fu, Boxing and Thaiboxing. It was the best thing she could have done! I have been practicing Martial Arts ever since. Later I became a professional Thaibox fighter and Captain of the Iranian National Team.

I travelled a lot and lived in Thailand and Japan for a while where I developed my skills, trained with the masters, and participated big events like K-1and Max Muay Thai. Over the years I won many titels and belts. Since 2015 I live in The Netherlands and besides my fighting career, I work as a coach/personal trainer. Teaching is one of my passions because I love to share my experience with other (professional) fighters, as well as people who are new to the sport, or the ones that just like to train for fun or to get in shape.

Together we achieve more

Over time, I started to share my knowledge and experiences. I get satisfaction when I see others grow in the sport. Through my acquired knowledge I can make others aware of their movements, technical improvements and they grow unconsciously on a social and emotional level.

Every kickboxing or Thaiboxing trainer is inspired by previous teachers. With me this was Mustafa Mostafa Rezazadeh. I looked up to him very much and I learned a lot from him.

Focus for

My strength is that I can master and mix different fighting styles. I believe that this starts with the right technique. Our sequence starts with focus for technique and then fitness and strength. Everyone is welcome to learn something, or to progress a level.

A look inside Vahid's trophy cabinet

2004 - 2014
National Championship title Iran
2005 - 2007 - 2009 -2013 Champion of Asia indoor games in 71 kg class
2006 World Champion Professional Thai Boxing WKF in Uzbekistan
2007 World Champion Best of the Best in Iran
2012 WBKF – Japan, Tokyo World Champion
2013 Hong Kong WMC World Champion
2005 WFK Iran Amateur World Champion
2010 Fought in K1 Tokyo Japan
2014 Thai fight Thailand
2013 Max Muay Thai in Thailand
2015 Started as a trainer with multiple gyms.
2016 The start of boxing school Roshani Thaiboxing in Rotterdam
2021 - 2022 Organized a Boxing Gala